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Hospitality is a human connection. Good tech makes that easier to deliver.

Make smarter decisions about your tech with less time and effort. See which tech other restaurants are using and how they rate it.


Busy operators need a faster way to see which tech is best for their business

Tech reviews and ratings

Hear how other operators choose their tech. What works, what doesn't?

Compare your tech stack

How does your tech stack compare to others -- are you missing anything? 

Get helpful tips

Hear from experts on how to get the most from your tech investments

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Hospitality is a full-time job. You don't have time to hunt for tech.

Restaurants are relying on technology more than ever to reach new customers and deliver great dining experiences. But it's hard to keep up with the expanding list of tech systems and features available.


Stackeo talks with operators to understand how they select, manage and integrate their tech systems. Then we share these valuable insights back with the restaurant community so we can all learn from each other, saving you time and effort as you choose the best tech for your business.

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Hearing from other operators about the tech they're using is incredibly helpful. Stackeo unlocks insights we can all learn from.

- Jenna Swigert, TJS Group 

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Stackeo is for operators who want to learn from each other

Do you like your tech? 

Stackeo makes it easy to share your experience with others

Are you looking to add new tech?

Stackeo is a fast and easy way to see what works for other restaurants

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Want to see how your tech stacks up?

Get a personalized tech stack report when you take the survey

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