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Talk to five different operators, and you'll find five different tech stacks, because restaurant technology isn't one-size-fits-all. Take a quick survey to add your tech stack to the mix

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Washington Dining & Cocktails.png

Jenna Swigert

Partner, TJS Restaurant Group

Washington Dining & Cocktails | Drake | Mountain Burger

"Hospitality is a human connection, but there are so many ways to be more efficient with technology"


Hear how Jenna selects technologies for her growing business. As a former sales executive at OpenTable, Jenna understands the importance of choosing tech that fits both your budget and your business needs.

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Ray Shlimon

Owner / Operator

Chisme Cantina


Hear how Ray chose his technology and "delivery-proofed" his business to support growth in a challenging staffing environment.

Chisme Cantina.png

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Salad House.png

Jarrod Bravo

Director of Operations | Partner

Salad House Franchising

Hear how Jarrod built a multi-layered tech stack to streamline operations and improve customer convenience.

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